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nocnoc base V2.

 nocnoc base V2
Healthcare. Wireless quick charge. Stereo speaker. USB 3.0Hub

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nocnoc base V2

Consolidate your computer peripherals into one piece.
All in one, smart monitor base,  nocnoc base V2!

nocnoc base V2 function

nocnoc base V2 can
provides the right posture and convenience.


Healthcare of the neck and back

nocnoc base V2 can
helps you with your right posture.

Reminders to rest

nocnoc base V2 can
informs you of the take a rest time.

"Designing worth is worth designing" 

Wireless quick charge

nocnoc base V2 can
Qi standard Smartphone wireless high-speed charging

USB 3.0 port

nocnoc base V2 can
provides you with convenience.

Stereo speaker & headset

nocnoc base  V2 can
Makes your ears happy.

neat desk

nocnoc base V2 can
Makes your desk more simply and neatly.


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